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Welcome to Touch and Co, I invite you to bring some relaxation and me-time into your life.
We live increasingly busy lives, as we juggle the demands of home, work, money, relationships, parenting, caring for family/friends, social media, and so the list goes on….
As the pressure mounts we can feel overwhelmed and stressed which harms both physical and mental health and wellbeing.
Making time for yourself and discovering relaxation is probably the most important thing you can do for yourself.

My work now is primarily with carers, through BCP council's carers voucher scheme and the Dorset Carer's card, also with breast cancer clients through the charity, 'Going for Bust'.

‘give your stress wings and let it fly away'

Terri Guillemets



I offer a variety of relaxing massage treatments. Please see different tabs below for descriptions, prices and how long each lasts.

Swedish (Relaxation)

A firm but gentle pressure massage

<p>A firm but gentle pressure. Swedish massage has many benefits for physical and emotional health including encouraging relaxation and stress reduction, boosting the circulation and lymph return, reducing muscle tension and boosting the immune system</p>


Light pressure Massage

<p>Light pressure. A wonderful sensory experience with Neal's Yards organic massage oil with a blend of essential oils. Depending on the oils used, aromatherapy massage can stimulate and invigorate or calm and relax</p>

'Find your Zen'

Aromatherapy Massage/Meditation

<p>Deeply relaxing, an aromatherapy back, neck and shoulder massage followed by a guided meditation</p>

Stress Less

Massage and Facial

<p>A relaxing back, neck, and shoulder massage, followed by a facial massage with Neal's Yard iconic Wild Rose Beauty Balm</p>


Dry skin brushing and full body massage

<p>The word ‘Garshana' translates as ‘friction by rubbing.’ Also known as ‘Dry Brushing’, the skin is dry brushed to stimulate the circulation and lymphatic system and is the followed by a full body massage using Neal’s Yard Detox toning oil with lemon, black pepper and Frankinsence. </p>

Hot Stones

Back, neck and shoulder massage

<p>Let the stress and tension melt away with a soothing hot stone massage using warmed basalt stones</p>


1-1 Relaxation class

<p>The opportunity to learn some self-relaxation techniques including self-massage, breathing and mindful movement. Great for carers to use at home</p>

Indian Head Massage

Upper back, scalp and face massage

<p>Can be performed seated or lying down and targets upper back, scalp and face.</p>

Mama Point Facial Massage

Facial massage

<p>A facial massage targeting acupuncture points on the face and scalp</p>

Concessions for Carers

10% discount on treatments with card

About Me

About me

Hello, I'm Christine. Touch and Co was born out of my life experiences. My background is in nursing and the voluntary sector and for twenty years I was a carer for a close family member.  Life was busy and incredibly stressful at times, and there's no doubt it took its toll on my mental and physical health.

There's a saying, 'you can't pour from an empty cup' and it's true that if you don't look after yourself then there's nothing spare for others.

When I hit fifty, I had a midlife crisis (but a positive one!) and retrained as a holistic massage therapist.  I loved seeing how much my clients benefited from their treatments and that sparked an interest in other techniques for stress and relaxation and so I took further training to become a professional Relaxation Therapist.

If you'd like to bring some relaxation into your life, but don't know where to start, then give me a call, I'd love to help!

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Laura Baily Wimborne

I received a very warm welcome from Chris, she made me feel at ease in her lovely calm treatment room. Chris gave me a totally sympathetic and professional treatment. I can highly recommend Touch and Co!

Andrea Sandow Wimborne

Wonderful! I'll definitely come again, it was amazing

Helen Rolfe Corfe Mullen

A wonderfully relaxing full body massage using luxurious Neals Yard products. Chris's professional and calm manner put me at ease straight away. Thank you!

Contact me

Contact me

Please do get in touch to book or learn more about a treatment or just to chat